“The Lannisters Always Pay Their Debts.”

Well, Cersei manages to do it…by sacking Highgarden in the last episode, we see that her debt is pretty much all satisfied. The Iron Bank is even willing to support her with more money if she needs it for bigger armies–which, I’m sure she will. But the Gold has to actually get there, first.

This is the opening of the episode, and helps tie up a few loose ends…moves the chessboard along if you will.

Bran is also being becoming creepy as fuck with his new magic powers, saying that he no longer needs Meera to help him. She’s obviously very hurt about how Bran is treating her–her brother did die for him, as did Hodor and nearly herself….but he’s the Three Eyed Raven. Fuck emotions. ¬†However, Bran becomes bad-ass when he’s talking to Littlefinger…even using one of his quotes to change the tone of the meeting incredibly fast:

“Chaos is a ladder.”

The smile slides off of Baelish’s face immediately. Why is this significant? Why, it’s the very thing that Littlefinger said to Varys after they betrayed Ned Stark. You know–what led to his beheading? Littlefinger probably shat his pants at that moment.

Arya makes it back to Winterfell, and has another patented Stark awkward family hug with Sansa and Bran. The Starks may be back home in Winterfell but they’ve changed so much–does it really feel like home anymore?

Sansa obviously doesn’t believe Arya is a fighter at all–her quick take down of Brienne is quite awesome in a sparring match. Additionally, Bran knowing about the list of names….Sansa would be a fool to think Arya isn’t a killer. Also, the dagger that was designed to kill Bran is given to Bran by Littlefinger….who then passes it to Arya.

If that’s not fucking foreshadowing, I don’t know what is. (Cersei being killed by Arya? Hell yeah.)

We now get to the meat of the episode–

Jon shows Danereys the cave of Dragonglass below Dragonstone…as well as pictures created by the Children of the Forest and…WHITE WALKERS…. dun dun dun!

They also seem to get…errm…a little too cozy before Dany basically shuts Jon down a bit. “I’ll help you in your wars.” she says pausing. “But only if you bend the knee.”

She and Jon both come out of the cave to bad news about Casterly Rock…and she’s had it. “No more clever plans.”

Pan to Jamie and Bronn gathering the harvested grains from Highgarden to the rumbling of hooves…and loud voices.

The Dothraki are on the march and begin a brutal assault….which is capped off even more when Dany and her Dragon come out to play. “Dracarys”….the carnage is devastating and the CGI is beautiful.

This is also where I was torn…I didn’t know who to root for, but ultimately, I want Dany to win. It’s a shame, because I really like Bronn and Jamie, to a degree. But when Bronn began readying the weapon by Qyburn to fire at the dragon, I was pissed at him. He takes one shot which missed, but the second one hits its mark. Her Dragon is hurt–but not enough to mortally wound him. He destroys the weapon, and lands so Dany can take the spear out.

Unfortunately, Jamie is a fucking idiot and tries to kill Dany with a spear by galloping towards her on horseback. The dragon roars–Jamie is shoved into the water (presumably by Bronn)…and the episode ends.

Holy fucking shit, what an ending.