As the resident Whovian for Ranting Media, it’s a privilege to talk about finally learning who the 13th Doctor is–Jodie Whitaker!

The announcement was made today just after the Wimbledon Men’s Finals in the UK with a short announcement video:

This is frankly what Doctor Who has needed for a long time. While the Doctor has been male prior to this point, we know that Time Lords can regenerate into different sexes for sometime now. The biggest recent iteration of this proof is that of Missy, who prior to Michelle Gomez, was male.

Breaking that mold is not only refreshing in this day and age but it freshens up Doctor Who as a whole and to me is a breath of fresh air.

Not everyone agrees though, and that makes me a bit sad:

This bugs me as everyone is entitled to their opinion of course, but it shows just how little people understand Doctor Who. Doctor Who as a whole is about accepting grandiose situations, about doing the right thing and helping people out. To me, Doctor Who is about being as inclusive as possible…and you have to admit, if you’re against this decision…

You’re okay with Aliens and Time Travel and the most ridiculous situations in television but you can’t accept the fact that you’re favorite character is now a woman? Please.

I’m hoping Jodie Whitaker knocks it out of the park. I’ve only seen her in Broadchurch and vaguely remember seeing her in Attack the Block but she was good in both. Chris Chibnall, who was the creator of Broadchurch is now the show runner for Who so obviously he know how she works and she’s comfortable with him.

This is a fantastic time for Doctor Who–we’re hitting uncharted waters here and I can only imagine what exciting adventures we have in store for us. That being said, if all you’re going to do is sit in a corner and whine about how the Doctor “should always be male” and “this isn’t right”, I will kindly take your Whovian card as you’re no longer welcome with the rest of us.

Welcome to the Doctor Who Family, Jodie.